There are many MORE ways you can help improve Del Mar!

Pass Out Flyers

Feel free to download and distribute our flyer.


If I am elected I promise to get things done, starting with a vote on the North Bluff project and immediate start to undergrounding of utilities.  I pledge to meet on a regular basis with every neighborhood in Del Mar to hear your concerns.  I pledge to REPRESENT YOU!

Know how the Issues Facing Del Mar will affect You!

Issues like the Bluff project, undergrounding of utilities, improving public safety, preserving our beaches and Del Mar’s independence from state agencies, have a dramatic effect on the character of Del Mar–help me get elected so that I can get to work to preserve Del Mar!

Please visit my Issues Page for more information on the issues I care about. Feel free to submit your comments and concerns for additional issues you feel should receive more attention from our city council.

Follow the City Council

Keep our council members honest by following their actions, showing up to meetings, and being vocal about the issues that you really care about.